Being Lucky

Is Lucky being in the right place at the right time?

Would you know the right place at the right time if it were here and now?

After doing a market study for one of my clients in Zip Code 97214, I discovered that over 65% of the homes in this zip code (SE Portland) were built before 1939.

Wouldn’t a small handyman or restoration or painting company be a good business to be in right now?
There are low priced franchises that do just that.
A person could build a customer base in Portland at what appears to be an opportune time.
No experience necessary, financing available and VA discounts.
If you want to know more…contact me.
My services are provided at no cost to you.


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Millennials are spending big money to sweat

The LA Times has determined that Millennials will pay big bucks to work out.

Young fitness addicts say their days of mindless treadmill workouts tied to just one gym are over. With a limited number of spots per class and advance reservations generally required, there’s a mad rush to get into the hottest classes.

“It’s expensive to be healthy, but it’s more expensive to be sick.” is the new motto. Read article

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