Owning a business is the purest form of investing in yourself.

How do we Help with Buying a Business?

I assist buyers in all stages of the purchase from gathering information, evaluating the stability of a business to putting together an offer, due diligence, and satisfying contingencies.

The decision to buy a business is a big decision. Let's work together to ensure you have all the information you need to be successful and minimize risk.

Steps to acquire a Business?

As the Buyer’s Broker I advise & assist my client with the following:

- Acquire business financials
- Presenting an Offer
- Meeting of the Minds and writing “Intent to Purchase”
- Attorney writes Purchase Agreement with contingencies to satisfy
- Due Diligence to evaluate business financials and to deeply view the business
- Satisfy the contingencies such as lease or franchisor approval
- Close on of the purchase/sale of the business and begin training
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How to Decide which Business is Right for You?

If you are a buyer without a specific business in mind, you will probably have to determine your circumstances by answering some of the questions below.

- Are you looking for an owner/operator type of business where you could be fully involved?

- Are you looking to keep your current profession and therefore a semi or fully passively run business is the best fit?

- What do you enjoy doing?

- What businesses are out there in your price range and have enough net income to sustain you?

-Will this purchase makes sense?

The largest segment of new business are franchises. Is it possible that a franchise fits your criteria?

How Can I Assist You?

Owning and running a business can be the most rewarding experience of your life. I can assist you in finding the business that best complements your style and values without depleting your time, energy, or finances.

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