About Us

Owning and running a business can be the most rewarding experience of your life. I can assist you in finding the business that best complements your style and values without depleting your time, energy, or finances.

Who am I? At twenty-five, I started my snack vending business. Over the next 30 years I built my business based on customer relations, consistent service and an adherence to the numbers. When I sold my snack business in 2010, it was the largest in the Northwest and the oldest honor snack company in the country. As a Franchise Business Broker, I look forward to sharing my expertise and assisting you in achieving a life of your choosing.

Selling Your Business:

As a business owner looking to divest and exercise your ‘Exit Strategy’, it is advisable to work with expert.

I can assist you with preparing your business for presentation and marketing and help negotiate the best possible price.

Buying the right business:

The decision to go into business or buy a business for yourself opens the door to unlimited possibilities.

I will help you address the questions that will narrow your search and direct you to business opportunities that match your desires, personality, work style and financial goals.

Becoming a Franchisee and buying a franchise:

Franchises are the largest segment of new business today. Historically, the majority of start up businesses close within 5 years. In contrast, 90% of franchises are still in business after 5 years!


We offer a professional business assessment questionnaire to help clarify which companies and what industries are the best match for you.
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The Franchise Process